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For all of you who ocassionally frequent SpurrierMusic, you may have noticed an extreme lack of updates on the blog page.

There are two primary reasons for this:

1) For most minute updates, I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, so if you feel a need to keep up to date to the minute, feel free to follow me: @basser26.

2) As Lindby continues to grow and evolve, I find myself investing more and more time and energy into it. For all of those updates, you have two options:

Follow Lindby on Twitter: @lindbymusic
Keep up with the LindbyMusic blog (news page)

I have some different ideas for interesting musical blog posts, and if I ever find myself with a plethora of extra time, I’ll certainly make an effort to post them.

For now, though, I hope to see all of you on Twitter and over at LindbyMusic!


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