Just wanted to put a quick stat sheet up regarding the new Lindby album:

Title: Erikson (the reason for which shall be revealed soon enough)

Release date: 1st Quarter 2012

Number of Tracks: 15

Genres explored: rock and roll, jazz, bossa, Asian, jamming, fugue, electronic, reggae, and more

What’s done: drums, bass, guitar, organ, piano, most vocals

What’s left: some vocals, synth, percussion, trinkets (anything extra or last minute to achieve the final level of polish)

I’ll try and put some pictures up of Goodrich and me in the studio tomorrow just so everyone can see what it looks like.

Also, expect a few new songs to be put up on Lindby’s SoundCloud in the coming weeks. The current files on SoundCloud are the full length versions of the songs from the Lindby page on this site. They come from our last EP: For the Love of Sven and Porgy, which is a collection of some of our old songs that were revamped and rerecorded.

And again, why Erikson? I’ll give you a hint.

That’s only 1/6 of the answer though.